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Torrington Square

One of the more recent additions to London’s portfolio of squares, Torrington Square was created as part of the Bedford Estate in the 1820s.

Torrington Square is actually rectangular in shape and is around 10 minutes walk from the Crescent Hotel of London, located within close proximity to Gordon Square (to the north) and Russell Square (to the east).

A Delightful Square With A Weekly Farmers’ Market In Bloomsbury

Torrington Square initially had properties to the north, south, east and west. Most of those houses (along with the Christ Church), were demolished in the 1970s so that the University of London could redevelop the area.

The surviving properties, a row of delightful Georgian houses, are located on the east side of the square and are now surrounded by the university’s academic buildings.

Torrington Square Today

Torrington Square offers a relaxing green space in Bloomsbury, with shade coming from the London Plane trees that line the gravel pathways.

While Torrington Square is always a popular space with locals, students and tourists, the weekly farmer’s market transforms it into a centre of hustle and bustle each and every Thursday.