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Red Lion Square

Red Lion Square was created in 1684, making it one of the oldest squares in London.

Located approximately 1 mile from the Crescent Hotel of London in the district of Holborn, Red Lion Square can be reached on foot in less than 20 minutes.

London’s oldest square, Bloomsbury Square, is located 150m to the west of Red Lion Square.

A Relaxing Green Space In The Heart of Bloomsbury

Created in 1684 by Nicholas Barbon, Red Lion Square became a fashionable spot in the capital as Bloomsbury’s popularity increased.

Red Lion Square became a hotspot for development in the late 17th century, and some of the buildings that were constructed in the 18th century still remain on the south side of the square.

Although it was originally a private garden for its residents, Red Lion Square was laid out as a public garden in 1885 by Fanny Wilkinson, who was a landscape gardener for the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association.

Red Lion Square Today

With Holborn now a thriving area of business, Red Lion Square serves as a delightful green space for people to rest and relax.

A small cafe exists in the square and offers a range of drink, snacks and refreshments, with extended opening hours during the summer months.

Red Lion Square is managed and maintained by Camden Council and is open to the public during daylight hours.