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Mecklenburgh Square

The planting at Mecklenburgh Square commenced in 1809 and was concluded in 1810. Construction of the houses followed, with the properties on the east side and south side habitable by 1814, and the square reaching final completion in 1825.

Mecklenburgh Square is located approximately half a mile from the Crescent Hotel of London and takes around 10 minutes to reach on foot.

A Leafy Square In The Centre Of Bloomsbury

Mecklenburgh Square and Brunswick Square were created on the Foundling Estate, which were once fields that belonged to the Foundling Hospital.

In the latter part of the 18th century, the Foundling Hospital was in financial difficulty, so it was decided that the fields would generate greater income if they were let for property development.

Mecklenburgh Square now lies to the west of where the hospital once stood, with Brunswick Square to the east.

In 2004, the Foundling Museum opened, which tells the full story of the Foundling Hospital and the wonderful work that was carried out there.

Mecklenburgh Square Today

Mecklenburgh Square is a private garden that is managed by the residents of Mecklenburgh Square. Although it isn’t usually open to the public, everyone is welcome to visit during the Open Garden Squares Weekend.

Opening its gates for all on the Sunday afternoon of the Open Garden Squares Weekend, non-residents are able to marvel at the Mecklenburgh Square pathways. The layout of the original pathways remains unchanged since they were created more than 200 years ago, while many of the trees from the first planting are also still standing strong.