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Gordon Square

Gordon Square is situated to the south-west of Tavistock Square, approximately 10 minutes walk from the Crescent Hotel of London.

Constructed between 1820-1850, Gordon Square was named after Lady Georgina Gordon, the wife of the Duke of Bedford, who designed the gardens.

An Oasis Of Flora And Fauna In Bloomsbury

Gordon Square was built by Thomas Cubitt as a dual development with Tavistock Square. The properties to the west side of the square were the last to be completed (c.1855), making them among the last buildings to be included in Cubitt’s portfolio.

Many of the original features had been lost or had decayed over the years, but in 2006 (with the help of the Heritage Lottery Fund), many of them were refurbished. Now, the curving paths and traditional railings appear as they would have, while a programme of planting and tree maintenance has allowed the gardens to return to their former glory.

Gordon Square Today

Gordon Square is owned by the University of London and is a favourite with students and academics who reside nearby.

The former gardeners hut has been repurposed as a small kiosk, selling a range of drinks and snacks that keeps the hunger and thirst of its visitors at bay.