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Coram's Fields

Coram’s Fields is centrally located between Brunswick Square and Mecklenburgh Square, occupying 7 acres of land that was formerly the site of the Foundling Hospital.

To walk from the Crescent Hotel of London to Coram’s Fields takes around 10 minutes, with them being located just half a mile apart.

An Urban Space In The Heart Of Bloomsbury

Coram’s Fields is a relative newcomer to the Bloomsbury landscape, having only opened in 1936. When the Foundling Hospital (which occupied the site on which Coram’s Fields now lies) relocated to Hertfordshire, the land was destined for property development.

However, local residents carried out a considerable fundraising effort and, coupled with a substantial donation from Harold Harmsworth, the site was purchased and the park opened soon after.

Coram’s Fields Today

Coram’s Fields is owned and operated by a charity called “Coram’s Fields and the Harmsworth Memorial Playground”.

The site is freely accessible to children under the age of 16, with adults only allowed to enter if they are accompanying a child.

In addition to the playground, cafe and sandpits, Coram’s Fields also boasts football pitches, tennis courts and basketball courts.