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The Wellcome Collection

Run by Wellcome, a politically and financially independent global charitable foundation aimed at solving the world’s health challenges, the Wellcome Institute boasts not only world-class exhibitions and events but provides extensive support and funding for a wide range of disciplines to advance human knowledge and understanding. Research into areas such as mental health, infectious diseases and the impact of climate change on human health are just some of the channels where Wellcome wants to make a difference.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Wellcome Collection.

What’s it all about?

The Wellcome Collection in Bloomsbury is a free museum and library aimed at challenging and informing how we feel about health. Wellcome understands that science is key to discovering new ways to tackle the big health issues of today: Mental health, infectious diseases and climate are what Wellcome believe are the most important and urgent challenges the human race faces today.

When visiting the Wellcome Collection, expect to find an eye-opening and insightful look at the world around us, how we are impacting it, and how we can learn from it.

What can I expect to see?

Through exhibitions, collections, live programming, digital, broadcast and publishing, the Wellcome Collection creates opportunities for people to think deeply about the connections between science, medicine, life and art.

Are you curious about the intricate workings of the human body? Or the surprisingly active role flora and fungi play in our daily lives? Then the Wellcome Collection will be the place for you.

With an amassed collection of books, paintings and objects from around the world, the Wellcome Collection offers a unique insight into how different cultures in different time periods have sought to understand the human body.


Where is the Wellcome Collection located?

183 Euston Rd, London, NW1 2BE.

We’ve included a Google Maps route to help guide you there.

How do I get there from the Crescent Hotel?

As you step outside our hotel, face the gardens in front of you and head left, taking a sharp left and then an immediate right which will put you on Burton Street. Take your first left onto Duke’s Road and connect onto Woburn Walk. Take your first right onto Upper Woburn Place and follow that road up to the bust Euston Road. Once there, take a left and walk down for approximately 4 minutes.

You’ll come across a big white marble building on Euston Road, almost opposite Euston train station – that’s them. You will see banners hanging from the building that advertise current exhibitions. Entry is either via two revolving doors or via the accessible door in between them.