The London Canal Museum

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The London Canal Museum

Once they were the vital arteries of London’s transport system, but today the canal system appeals to holiday-goers, boating enthusiasts and history buffs. Located in a former ice warehouse, the London Canal Museum gives visitors a snapshot into an age gone by.

Expect to come away marvelling at the ingenuity, day-to-day struggles of the people and complexity of transporting goods along the London waterways.

Here are some frequently asked questions about The London Canal Museum.

What’s it all about?

Visitors to the London Canal Museum will learn not only how they came to be built, but about the lives of the workers, the cargoes and horses, as well as an introduction to how canals work. As the museum is located in a former ice warehouse, you’ll also get to learn about the ice industry. You may wonder how did the Victorians keep the ice cold? Well, you’ll just have to visit to find out!

What can I expect to see?

The London Museum is where you can see inside a narrowboat cabin, learn about the history of London’s canals, the cargo carried, the people who lived and worked on the waterways, and the horses that pulled their boats. You will also get the chance to look deep into the unique heritage of the huge Victorian ice well used to store ice imported from Norway and brought by ship and canal boat to be stored.


Where is the London Canal Museum located?

2/13 New Wharf Rd, London, N1 9RT.

We’ve included a Google Maps route to help guide you there.

How do I get there from the Crescent Hotel?

As you stroll out through our entrance, face the gardens opposite you and walk left. Head around the gardens and onto Mabledon Place before reaching Euston Road. Cross the traffic lights in front of you and walk right where you’ll see British Library (Stop C). Hop on any of the 30 / 73 / 205 routes. Remember to hop off on the first stop at King’s Cross Station (Stop E).

From there, face Euston Road and head left. Take your immediate first left onto York Way and cross onto the other side of the road. Then head straight up the road for several minutes, taking your third right onto Wharfdale Road. Head down that road before taking your second left onto New Wharf Road. Keep on New Wharf Road for another minute or two and there you’ll see the London Canal Museum.