Charles Dickens Museum

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The Charles Dickens Museum

As one of Britain’s most talented and well-known storytellers, Charles Dickens created some of the most influential and popular literary works of the modern age, such as Oliver Twist and the novella A Christmas Carol. To this day, his vivid description of everyday life in workhouses and on the streets of Victorian London continues to shape our perception of the Victorian era. At the Charles Dickens Museum, you will step back into 1837 and see a world which is at once both intimately familiar, yet astonishingly different.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Charles Dickens Museum.

What's it all about?

Charles Dickens was a staunch advocate of improving the welfare of the poor and working-class families of Britain at the time. His former home, and now museum, reflect his humble outlook on life.

The museum is located in Dickens’ middle-class Victorian home, complete with furnishings, portraits and decorations which are known to have belonged to him and his family.  He moved there with his wife Catherine and their eldest son Charlie between 1837-1839. While living in Doughty Street, Dickens finished writing The Pickwick Papers, wrote Nicholas Nickleby and most famously of all, Oliver Twist. These early publications made Dickens an international celebrity, with Queen Victoria even being a fan of his works.


What can I expect to see?

Now you can explore the Georgian terraced house as Dickens left it. There are a host of activities to do at the museum including exhibitions, workshops and a vibrant programme of curriculum-relevant sessions for children, interactive tours and even guided walks from your very own Victorian housemaid!

The museum holds the most extensive records and materials relating to Charles Dickens such as furniture, personal effects, paintings, prints, photographs, letters, manuscripts and rare editions. The collection really is one of a kind.

Where is the Charles Dickens Museum located?

48 – 49 Doughty Street London, WC1N 2LX.

We’ve included a Google Maps route to help guide you there.

How do I get there?

As you stroll out through our entrance, face the gardens opposite you and walk right. Take your first right onto Marchmont St and then a left through Marchmont Community Garden and onto Handel St. Follow that street all the way through the serene St George’s Garden’s and onto Heathcote street. Take your first right onto Doughly Street and after approximately 5 minutes of walking, you will the Charles Dickens Museum!