Getting Around London

The Hotel is located only a few minutes’ walk from 3 Underground stations giving you direct access to 6 different lines and within a few stops you can change onto 5 more.

London Underground is by far the most time effective way of travelling across London.   It can be crowded and a bit hot, but it works. The Underground map is exceptionally well designed and the stations are all well sign posted. It might only take a journey or two to be navigating it like a local.

Whilst London is one of the largest cities in the world, many of its points of interest are within walking distance from each other. Walking over short distances can often be faster than all other modes of transport (unless you get distracted by some wonder you didn’t know you were looking for!)

London is a beautiful city and is often best seen on foot.

Our general recommendation for planning a day of sightseeing is to decide on a few places of interest that are close to each other, take the Underground to that area and walk between the sites. You will probably be surprised how close they are! Our friendly Reception staff are always happy to help with this.

Buses can also be useful for travelling across London if you want to see where you are going and catch a few sites from the window. Like any city however, London can have pretty heavy traffic, particularly at rush hour. Buses are cheaper than the Underground.

Taxis – the iconic Black Cab. You can flag down a taxi on the road if the yellow light is on. The fare is charged on a meter that works on a time basis. This can be expensive if there is heavy traffic. However, if your feet have done enough for the day, then they are the luxury way to travel home to your comfy bed for a quick lie down before dinner. Or if you have been enjoying the London night life! Expect to have a lively chat with your Cabbie!

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