Coronavirus Terms And Conditions


These terms and conditions apply during the period of coronavirus restrictions in England and supersede our Standard Terms and Conditions for this period. They may vary in line with changing government guidance.



Please contact us by phone or email if you have any queries.  We are always happy to help.

Monday to Saturday 07.30 – 22.00 (London Time)

Sunday and Bank Holidays 08.00 – 22.00 (London Time)

Should you need any assistance, a member of staff is always on the premises.



If you are making a group booking (more than 3 rooms for the same or similar dates), please email us directly with the booking information so that we can try to arrange your rooms close together.



If you are one of our regular or returning guests, and want to enquire about your preferred room, please telephone, email or ask in person to arrange your next stay.




We will only take payment by credit or debit card.  We accept Visa, Visa Debit, Maestro and Mastercard. We will take a deposit of one night per room with the reservation and full payment on your arrival.  This is to avoid staff interaction at check-out.



Please take special note to provide names and mobile numbers or emails for all adult members of your party.  This track and trace information should be inserted, oddly, in the Guests Details form under Any Special Requests! This can be accessed via our website’s book now button.

We take 1 night’s deposit per room at the time of booking to secure your reservation. We require 2 days’ notice, prior to the arrival date, to refund your deposit. With less than 2 days’ notice the deposit will be forfeit, this includes no-shows.


As online travel agents may not gather relevant track and trace information, we will ask for this information, which is essential to secure the booking, when we confirm the reservation

We take 1 night’s deposit per room at the time of booking to secure your reservation. There will be no refund if your booking is cancelled at any time after reservation.


Symptoms check prior to your arrival

We will email you seeking assurance that you and your fellow travellers: have not suffered from Covid-19 symptoms in the last 14 days,  are not currently suffering from any symptoms associated with Covid-19 and recently have not knowingly been in direct contact with a person suffering from Covid-19 symptoms. These questions may change depending on the current UK Government guidance for England.

You will also be asked to confirm that you and your fellow travellers will abide by the Hotel’s rules regarding social distancing, solely necessary for movement around communal parts of the Hotel and personal hygiene. These rules may change depending on the current UK Government guidance for England.

You will be asked to give an approximate arrival time as we can no longer store luggage while your room is being prepared.  We will endeavour to have your room ready by this time, but there will be no guarantee before 14.30.

If you do not reply to this track and trace email 2 days prior to your arrival, then we will retain the deposit and cancel your reservation.


On Arrival

The Hotel is run as a private house where we can normally control the entrance better than a public access hotel; guests have their own entrance keys, which we will take care to clean in advance of your arrival.  Upon arrival ring the doorbell.  You will be greeted over the intercom and asked for the name in which the reservation was made.  Once we have checked your reservation, we will open the door to you, leaving the room and front door key on the hall table for you collect.  We will ask, when we open the door, that you wait for us to return to a safe distance before entering the Hotel.

Please use the sanitizer provided to clean your hands thoroughly before picking up your keys and progressing further into the Hotel.

We will be wearing masks, but we will be smiling beneath them.  We will be happy to chat at a safe distance.  We will give you directions to your room and wish you a pleasant stay.


In Your Room

Always wash your hands thoroughly on entering your room; we want your room to be your safe haven.

Your room will have been cleaned and sanitized prior to your arrival.  Please make yourself at home and relax.

Please use the telephone to contact Hotel staff if you have questions or need anything but only call outside of reception’s hours if there is an emergency.

In your room you will find a set of towels for each guest.  Bathrobes are available on request for non en-suite rooms. There is also a kettle and mugs.  Normally we provide a selection of tea, coffee, etc.   Now we ask you to call reception on arrival and order your preferred selection of hot drink sachets.  We will bring your selection to the room.  Top ups are always available.

We also have individual tubes of shampoo/conditioner and bath and shower gel.  Please let us know if you would like any of these for your stay and we will bring them to you.  We also have sanitised hairdryers available, so we can bring you one too.

All requested items will be delivered to your door.  We will knock when they are ready.  Please collect the items as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind that during breakfast service times, all Hotel staff will be very busy and may not be instantly available.


Public Rooms and Courtyards

The lounge, breakfast room, public bathrooms and court yards will be closed to guests over this period.


Breakfast – a Tray to Room Service

We ask you to telephone reception the day before with your breakfast order, indicating your preferred delivery time.  You will find the breakfast menu in your room. We will not be serving hot drinks with breakfast, so please ask if you need a top up of any hot drink sachets and milk.

Your order will be delivered to outside your door.  We will knock when it is ready.  Please collect the trays as soon as possible.

When you have finished your breakfast, please put your used items on the tray and leave it outside your room.  We will collect the trays after breakfast service.


During Your Stay

We ask that you:

abide by social distancing, preferably over 1 metre, with other guests and Hotel staff;

wear masks when moving around the hotel; give way to guests climbing up the stairs; use the sanitizer available in the entrance hall on entering and exiting the Hotel;

wash your hands on entering your bedroom and before leaving your bedroom;

avoid touching any unnecessary surfaces in the communal parts of the hotel.

Hotel staff will sanitize public toilets, the stair handrails and doors regularly throughout the day, but we will not be able to do this after every guest, so please help us keep the surfaces virus free, by keeping your hands clean.

.  Your room will be cleaned and sanitized daily.  Rooms must be vacated for housekeeping.  Please tell reception if you do not wish your room to be cleaned during your stay.

Guests are requested not to invite visitors into the hotel.


Suspected Infection while at the Hotel

Should a member of your party develop any of the Covid-19 symptoms, isolate your entire party in their rooms.

Go to NHS 111 online to seek advice and a test if advisable.  Please inform reception and stay in your room if you are advised to isolate. Unfortunately, if you or anyone in your party is required to isolate for a longer period than that remaining on your reservation, you will be charged at the daily rate.  In isolation guests would be responsible for their own cleaning and bed making.


Accepting Deliveries

If you have ordered a food delivery please give the restaurant your name and room number and let reception know.  We are happy to open the door for deliveries, but you will need to come to collect it from the door.  Our experience is that delivery drivers are happier calling the customer directly when they arrive at the door.  We can also provide wine glasses, plates, cutlery and a tray if you need them.  You may leave the dirty plates etc. outside your room the following morning for collection after breakfast service.  Please do not leave items in the halls or staircases overnight as these are all emergency exit routes and could cause injury.


In Room Maintenance or Repairs

If you find that something in your room is not working properly or is broken, please inform Reception. by telephone.  We will enter your room when you are out to fix it or take photos for a subsequent repair. We ask that you clear any personal items away from the area that needs addressing so that we do not need to move your things.


On Departure

Check-out is by 11.00. We are unable to store your luggage.

Please check your room carefully to make sure you have not left anything behind.  We will no longer be keeping lost property.

Please call Reception just before you leave to let us know you are on the way out and leave the keys in the room.  Reception will check you out.



Please let us know at the time of booking whether you have a special dietary requirement.  We are able to accommodate most requests.  We buy specialist foods in as and when required.  We do not have separate cooking or preparation facilities for specialist items.  We do our best to avoid contact between specialist items and our regular products.  If you have a severe allergy, please speak to our Reception staff to discuss how we can help.  Our kitchen prepares foods that may contain any of the UK’s 14 legally notifiable allergens.



The Hotel has no lift due to its venerable age and Listed Building status.  If the stairs are an issue for you, please contact the Hotel directly so that we can do our best to accommodate your needs.



All children are welcome but ensure that they abide by the above coronavirus restrictions.  Baby cots/cribs are available upon request for children up to age 2 free of charge (SAFETY: Intended for use by a child who is unable to climb out of travel cot/crib, is less than 89cm, or weight no more than 14 kg).  Please let us know on making the reservation if you require a baby cot/crib.  This option is not available in single rooms with shared facilities or singles with shower.



We are unable to accommodate pets.  However, Assistance Dogs are very welcome.  Please let us know when making the reservation, so that we can try to accommodate you near one of our outdoor courtyards.



Smoking is not legally permitted anywhere within the Hotel (this includes e-cigarettes).  Guests who are found to have been smoking on the premises will be charged up to £100 to cover the cost of cleaning all the soft furnishings to remove the smell for the next guest.



Guests who are found to be persistently disregarding Social Distancing and other Covid-19 safety measures, placing guests and staff at risk, will be asked to leave the premises immediately.  They will be expected to pay for their entire stay.

Crescent Hotel prides itself on providing a pleasant and safe environment for its guests and staff.  Please remain mindful of your fellow guests, our staff and property.

Whilst we are understanding of accidental damage, we reserve the right to charge guests for any damages to hotel property; accidental or otherwise.


Please refer to our prearranged agreement but these terms and conditions will apply to your colleagues, therefore ensure that they are aware of them.



You might wish to consult our website for details on How to Find Us, Local Attractions and Things to do in London.  Please feel free to telephone or email the Hotel directly if you have any questions about your stay.



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