Coffee Shops and Cafeterias


Coffee Shops
While most of our guests are on the move at lunchtime, there are a number of small independent coffee shops close by.

Name Street Comment
Patisserie Deux Amis Judd Street French influence
Fork Marchmont Street Continental influence
49 Marchmont Street Italian influence
Café In The Gardens Russell Square Italian influence

They are self-service arrangements where you move round with a tray selecting what you want and then find your own table. Though they are often provided for students and people working in the building they are open to the public. This arrangement may suit guests with children.

Name Street Comment
Friend’s House Endsleigh Gardens A cafeteria serving staff working in the building, which is in front of a green between Endsleigh Gardens and Euston Road.
The Place Duke’s Road This is the Ballet School’s cafeteria
University of London Union (ULU) Malet Street A student union cafeteria. The large ULU building is on the corner of Torrington Place and Malet Street.
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